Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Papa Is The Most Very Ter-Awesomest !!!!!


1. Hello. My Name is Muhammad. I don’t know what is my papa real name, but he always ask me to call him “abang” in public.

2. My papa always said that he is awesome. But I know that he is lying. Naughty! Naughty! He is not just plain awesome. He is the most very ter-awesomest papa in the whole galaxy Bima Sakti.
3. Some people. Oppps sorry. Every one actually, said that my papa is poyo. But for me he is fuyoooo….

4. So this is a story that happens to my papa and me when we went back to Malaysia for holiday recently.

1. One day, when I was in Perlis, I went to Gua Kelam with everyone. My sister, my mum, my grandma, my uncle, my auntie, my cousins and my neighbor. Everyone except .....…… my papa.

2. My papa decides that Gua Kelam is lame. So instead he when to snorkel at Pulau Payar, Langkawi …… all by himself!!!! I guess only awesome people can abandon his family and have fun all by himself without any gulit whatsoever. Papa is ter-awesomest!

3. So when I was in Gua Kelam, I had so much fun and I caught one little fish.

4. The next day, I am still very excited and wanted to go to Gua Kelam again and catch more fish. So I ask my “awesome –but-little-bit-darkened-after-the-snorkel-trip” papa, if he can go with me one more time to Gua Kelam to catch more fish.

5. What do you think the most very ter-awesomest papa will said? Of course he said “Hell Yeah!!” ..……Even though he has planned to drive all the way to Kota Bharu from Kangar that night.
Bukit Ayer

1. Normal papa like you readers have, is not awesome. Normal papa like your papa, will most likely in my situation will go to Gua Kelam, catch fish, picnic and go home after 2 hours.

2. But awesomest papa like mine, said Gua Kelam alone is not enuff. He got soo much energy. So he planned to go to Bukit Air Waterfall first. Then after 2 hours, he will drive to Gua Kelam and do the same thing again and again.

3. My papa always said that he is “strong” in his head and in between his leg. But I never quite understood what he meant in the last part. “In between his leg” is just udara kan? Does he mean that he can fart very-very strongly? Maybe someday, when I myself become the most very-terawesomest papa like my papa, I will understand.

4. So we went to Bukit Air. Sadly after 2 hours, we didn’t caught any fish. My papa didn’t look very sad though. He seems very happy walking around shirtless, swimming and climbing the rocks …… while being watched by giggling teenage girls that gasped at his six-packs.
5. So then we make our way to Gua Kelam. Because it was not that far, my papa decided that we should not change into dry shirt. We just get into the car just like that. Meaning, I wore my swimming shirt and pants and my dad only wearing three quarter pants …….without any shirt on. Ter-awesomest!

6. It had started to rain. So my papa drove very slowy at 100k/h. We had too rush because its already 2pm. And also twice we have to stop because there was two kenduri kahwin spots that have many-many people dressing very nicely crossing the road while staring at papa topless chest in broad daylight. They were lucky. Today they have witness ..awsomenest.

7. Then I falled asleep. When I woke up, my right hand feels funny and papa had already parked the car. But this is not Gua Kelam!!!!

sekian, mekasey, wassalam


Dr. Ben said...

memang awesome!

Anonymous said...

Bro...kalau aku pun pilih pula payar dari gua kelam....lagi sempoiiii....

mangkuk statik said...

Ben:Bukan palin awesome. "ter-awesomest" laa..
Anon: Yes. Ade jugak manusia waras selain drpd aku rupa2nya. Ape barang gua kelam kan?? hahah

Azman said...

HAHAHAHA!! Gila kau Azam!


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